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April Black

Recent Art and Design graduate April Black, inspired by the outdoors and traditional craft, specialises in hand turned wooden vessels using a woodworking lathe and pyrography to translate patterns found in nature onto the surfaces of her pieces

April takes her inspiration from working with the mental health group, “Greenbuds” outdoors in Scotland and hopes to continue designing with this work in mind, exploring how she can translate the feeling of calm that the outdoors gives us into a physical object to remind the owner of a place or time where they felt happiest.

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Hannah Robinson

Hannah Robinson’s products are created through material experimentation, looking to push boundaries and test materials to the limits. Her design process is inspired by human behaviour and current social and practical issues,  

“I believe design is the most exciting and appropriate way to engage with society. In turn, my work reflects and responds to different problems and creates engaging experiences. “

“My goals as a designer are to create a unique experience through my products, whether that be a new sensation, thought, or point of view. I want to encourage the playful side encourage people to ask questions about the art and design world and social situations around us.”


Joshua Till

Joshua Till is a recent Three Dimensional Design graduate whose practice is to design and make furniture incorporating traditional craft processes producing beautiful, bespoke items of furniture influenced by nature’s organic structures and forms.   

Exploring the contrasting complex and simple structures within nature, inspiration for form comes through deconstructing and manipulating the original shapes and constructions of nature’s microstructures.   

By incorporating the use of traditional steam-bending Joshua captures complex forms whilst remaining close to natural materials and ideals of traditional furniture construction, to create distinctive furniture that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.  

Joshua’s goal as a designer is “to design and make beautiful and sculptural furniture that reflects on the beauty of nature’s natural forms. Incorporating the use of traditional crafts and furniture construction techniques”.


Charlotte Garnett

A Central St Martins graduate, Charlotte specialises in stunning experimental jewellery, autobiographical in nature drawing on personal experiences and emotions.

"I believe any creative work is an opportunity to evoke an emotion; to open dialogue about issues to the public and send a message. I’ve found drawing upon topics I feel passionate about personally, translates in sincere artistic responses that can engage the wearer on an emotional level, and potentially give new perceptions on the topic at hand."

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Megan Collins

Megan Collins Jewellery is designed with the elegance of simplicity in mind. Each minimalist design finds its roots in the natural world, and its end design in the clean lines of geometry. Each piece is lovingly handmade in the London studio with the greatest attention to detail to ensure the wearer is fully satisfied.




Dan Gombos

Central St Martin’s student Dan Gombos has a passion for everything beautiful. 

“I hope that people are inspired and moved by subtle messages that I try to put into every artwork – I want my work to take viewers into the realm of their minds and fantasy, but also show that beauty surrounds us everywhere we go, if we look with awareness and awe”

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Ranulph Horne

After gradating from printmaking at Brighton University Ranulph started to focus on his illustration work. He works in a variety of mediums and styles, often taking inspiration from his surroundings, and the nature and cultures found within it.

The majority of Ranulph's work starts off as hand drawn pencil illustrations, then adding detailing and pattern with a mix of fine liner pens. "I love the contrasting mix of working in traditional methods, then converting into contemporary digital forms"

"I feel I have really found a calling for what makes me spark".


Silva De Majo

Multi media graduate artist Silva de Majo, after working many years as a gardener, uses organic and natural forms as the main inspiration for her work.  

“One of my aims is to remind and engage my audience in the beauty and importance of Nature and try to bring elements of the outside world into their homes”.  

Silva’s work is both serious and humorous in contrast, falling into the two categories of “Organic and Mechanic”. 


Charlotte Kay

First class 3D Design and Craft graduate Charlotte Kay has always gravitated towards creative subjects, realising early on that her passion lay in the three dimensional approach of hands on making, with the technical abilities associated with wood, metals, plastics and ceramics.   

Charlotte specialises in wooden lampshade design, incorporating the two main aspects of interactivity and natural form, motivated by the desire to create these dynamic functional lights for people to have in their homes.   

"Most manufactured objects have a static disposition, contrasting to everything that surrounds us in our natural world, whose forms are subject to constant growth, movement and adaptation in response to their surroundings. These kinetic lampshades question how a seemingly inanimate object can replicate changes that express natural character and emotion.  

Each lamp simulates certain plant’s growth processes and nastic movement behaviours such as photonasty; the opening of the petals of a flower in response to the availability of light, nyctinasty; the closing of petals at dusk, for self defence as well as to conserve resources, serotiny; the opening up and releasing of seeds due to humidity or an increase in temperature, and thigmonasty; plants which shut their leaves on contact."  

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Joe Rogers

Joe Rogers is an illustrator, visual artist and ceramicist whose work is vibrant and colourful created from a range of traditional and contemporary techniques.  

“I see it as vitally important to strive to produce the highest quality outcomes possible. In all aspects of my visual arts career I have always had a strong desire to do this, as such I have developed a very critical and meticulous eye for detail. I always ensure that the materials used are of the highest quality, and all outcomes are finished to the highest possible standards.”


Melissa Delteil

French designer and illustrator Melissa Delteil studied Communication Design in the UK. Melissa is particularly interested in techniques such as laser cutting and 3D printing which allow her to consider colour, texture and depth, she believes illustrations should have a life beyond her screen.  “I want to make meaningful and beautiful things. I doesn’t matter if it’s for individual pleasure or the greater good - I want to keep others in mind."


Vicky Kuhn

Illustration graduate Vicky Kuhn prefers to work with traditional media, creating images tailored to the younger audience in watercolour, acrylic and coloured pencil, inspired by Award winning Children’s Book Illustrators Shirley Hughes, Benji Davies and Helen Oxenbury and the whimsical work of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey.   

“My work reflects my inspiration and is largely based around the themes of nature, wildlife and childhood, influenced by my own personal experiences.”


Eve Norris

Eve Norris is a printed textile design graduate from Brighton University with a passion for illustration and colour. Her work is primarily hand drawn, painted and inspired by organic shapes and flora and fauna from around the world. She loves to manipulate the motifs she creates into patterns and prints for the home and to be worn.   

“My use of colour is bright and bold and my aim is to create fresh, vibrant prints that are commercial yet quirky. I would like to give people something unique and beautiful to look at everyday. As a designer I aim to create detailed striking imagery to make others feel special and unique”.


Annmarie Ruscoe

Annmarie Ruscoe is an Art & Design graduate focusing on organic ceramic sculptures.   Over the past year Annmarie has been specialising in porcelain with the objective of showing neuroscience as art.

Annmarie’s work depicts brain cells and neurones within the ceramic structure in order to reveal the beauty within a person despite their mind being chaotically imbalanced, eradicating stigma through the artistic process.


Camille Meire

Camille Meire is a French graduate designer who works principally with wood and aims to design and invent objects that are both decorative and useful.

Her work is made by hand mixing traditional techniques with an innovation to invent, imagine and create beautiful contemporary objects.

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Bernard Lodge

Bernard Lodge comes from a background at the BBC and creating animated graphics for TV, advertising and films such as Alien and Bladerunner, winning 5 Design & Art Direction Awards, a Royal Television Society Award and a Cannes Advertising Award.

Bernard subsequently turned his talents to the oldest print technology, woodcut.

"I want to explore the possibilities of the medium of printmaking. I feel I'm only just beginning."