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Isabella FioreComment

Cold January Wednesdays were made much cosier thanks to a donation of fabric offcuts and great work from our adults with learning disabilities group.

They chose to make comfy cushions for where they live. The idea was to have a go at sewing techniques and to make something useful and meaningful to them.

Each person chose two fabrics and then thought of a word that had some significance for them that they would enjoy seeing in their rooms. Debbie chose the word 'pink' and wanted plenty of it in her design. Pink is her favourite colour and she is fond of saying “pink makes the boys wink”. She enjoyed cutting and pinning the material and guided the seams through the sewing machine. Pink pom poms add to the delight of the final design.

Robert was curious about using a sewing machine and chose stylish black and white fabric for his design idea. He likes the word 'peace' very much because he feels he has finally found some in his life. After bad experiences of being bullied and taunted where he used to live he now has his own sheltered flat where he feels safe and can be himself. Peace is what he longed for and it also reflects his religious feelings and hopes.

Harvey wanted to use vibrant colours alongside his word. 'Angel' is what he calls his lovely girlfriend and having this stitched on his cushion makes him smile and think about her.

‘Dude’ was chosen because of its sound and the fact that like Naz himself, it made the group giggle. He is expanding his vocabulary partly through finding words in magazines. The NME had some cool dudes in it that week!

These cushions are totally unique like their makersbut what would your word be? Maybe we could make it for you?


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